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Russian National Ballet Theatre at Krannert Center, University of Illi

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I've emailed the Krannert staff a few times over the years about arranging for other ballet companies, replete with suggestions, but Radchenko once again we shall receive. All but Don Quixote has been performed in the years that I've lived here.

I suspect it's rather difficult to arrange for traveling story ballet productions in the hinterlands (we're 3 hours from Chicago in corn country), especially when the Tryon Festival Theater is absurdly shallow for anything dance-related. The good news is that the lack of anything else ballet-related save for the annual Nutcracker very conveniently drives my desire to finish my dissertation, if only so that I can finally have a legitimate and seasonal ballet habit.

22 January: Don Quixote


23 January: Chopiniana/Romeo and Juliet

Last performed two years ago. Chopiniana is nicely Soviet. The less said about the R&J , the better.

24 January: Swan Lake

A reduced Grigorovich production with rather unfortunate backdrops in the White Acts.

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