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Strength and Beauty: Giving Ballerinas a Voice (Documentary)

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[Admin note: consolidating two posts from original thread in Ballet Videos forum]

Last week PNB tweeted about a new project by director Chelsea Wayant, who filmed three ballerinas from North Carolina Dance Theatre -- Melissa Anduiza, Alessandra Bell, and Traci Gilchrest -- and is trying to raise money to hire a sound editor and to market the film to festivals and for publicity.

Wayant's film is called "Strength and Beauty: Giving Ballerinas a Voice," and the project deadline to raise $6000 is Monday, 9 July at 12:18 EDT.


The project page includes a video by the director explaining the project and what she plans to do with the money.


There is a little over a day left to fund "Strength and Beauty: Giving Ballerinas a Voice," which has raised a little under 1/3 of the project goal of $6000.

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