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The NY Times (June 12, 1976) has a review of the Seymour/Nagy Giselle, written by Anna Kisslegoff. The article is available only to subscribers, but I think you can purchase a view. Seymour was a "guest artist" with ABT that summer season.

Kisselgoff starts with explaining that New Yorkers were used to Markova's classical approach to Giselle. Seymour was different, reminding one viewer of Pavlova.

What this means is that you never saw a stylized shape to Miss Seymour's dancing or acting at the Met. There was, rather, the kind of Duncanesque plastique that Fokine created for Pavlova in what became "Les Sylphides." In other wods, the classical movement was loosened up into dramatic connotations ... [T]he beauty of the performance transcended technique. The special warmth of her peasant girl in Act I was carried over to her portrayal of Giselle's ghost in Act II.

Nagy's Albrecht was "danced excellently."

Seymour and Nagy also performed Swan Lake, reviewed by Kisselgoff on July 19th.

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