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POB 'La Source' and 'Bayadere' to US theaters (Aug.)

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Something very exciting for POB fans. While checking-out tickets for the upcoming USA showing of the Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty, I noticed two special POB presentations to be shown in some US cinemas this August which are outside the 'Emerging Picures'/Ballet in Cinemas schedule:

August 4 (repeated later): Nureyev's La Bayadere starring Dupont, Hoffalt, Pagliero

August 25 (repeated later): J-G Bart's La Source with Pagliero, Paquette, Ciaravola, Heymann, Daniel

The only link that I have is to the local (DC) theater but I'm sure it's being shown elsewhere:


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La Source has all the ingredients of a good ballet but somehow bored me to tears. I really wanted to like it. There are very beautiful moments, but somehow it didn't keep me interested.

That Bayadere is also worth viewing. Pagliero gets promoted to etoile during bows.

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Sorry you didn't care for La Source Birdsall. sad.png

I just got back from seeing it this afternoon. I really liked it for the most part.

I though that the scenery and darker lighting gave a tastefully modern feel and kept it from seeming like a “museum piece”. It contrasted very well with the rich storybook-like costumes, most of which were stunning- with a couple of exceptions- the bright pink veils on the Khan’s wives inevitably brought to mind “I Dream of Jeannie” (although it probably didn’t have that effect on the Parisian audience!) and the Jolly Green Giant and his quartet of Space Aliens looked a little out of place. biggrin.png It was hilarious though when Jolly Green and the Aliens showed up in the Khan’s court dressed in those Friar Laurence robes with their green and blue faces poking out! smile.png

Although my opinion on choreography is subject to change without notice, my first impression of the choreography for La Source was very favorable. I love how it blended folk/character dance with classical ballet in way that didn’t seem static or overly stylized and the classical choreography was wonderful as well, smooth transitions and accents, with a non-bravura bent which helped it feel more natural, which is quality that it always desirable in ballet, although often challenging to achieve within the strict confines of academic steps.

I was afraid that the music would bland, but it actually turned out to be very nice for the most part, I think might have been arranged a little bit, some parts seemed to emphasis the violin (I think) in a way that seemed more modern.

The story was a little hard to follow, the synopsis was provided, but without knowing exactly which character was which, it was a bit confusing. At intermission, I heard an elderly couple conversing, the lady said with some frustration, “But what is the story?” the man replied, “I don’t know…it’s usually someone is in love with someone…”

LOL. Oh well, maybe that is all a good ballet story needs to be anyway! smile.png

Hope they release this on DVD.

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The Paris Opera Ballet will have three broadcasts in France and Belguim during the 2012-2012 season that aren't part of the Ballet in Cinema series:

Don Quixote (Nureyev version) - December 18, 2012

Gustav Mahler's Third Symphony (Neumeier) - April 18, 2013

La Sylphide (Lacotte after Taglioni) - June 27, 2013 (retransmission) (Perhaps the Dupont/Ganio recording from 2005?)


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