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Olga Smirnova


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Back to Olga, she isn't scheduled to dance at ABT until June 5, still more than 2 months away. That does give her some time. But not a huge amount. And her not having danced since late Oct. (and not scheduled for April) is not a good sign.

If Olga can't do Bayadere, another possible replacement occurred to me - Kristina Shapran of the Mariinsky. Kristina and Olga were the 2 top Vaganova graduates in 2011 and they both performed Nikya (on alternate nights) in their graduation performance. Since Kimin Kim is already at ABT that week (and he and Kristina have danced together), I suppose that's a possible pairing. It also turns out Shapran, Kim and Parrish are the dancers representing the Mariinsky at YAGP this year. However both Kim and Shapran are still soloists; Chudin and Obraztsova are principals. Thus,the more likely scenario, as I said in an earlier post, is Chudin comes and dances with Obraztsova (who will already be here rehearsing R&J). But I will miss the great warmth and chemistry (and artistry) that Chudin and Smirnova share.

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If Chudin remains as the Solor, then it is likelier that his new Nikiya may be Obraztsova rather than Shapran, although I'd make a trip to NY for either one.

Hope you're wrong about Hee Seo, abatt.

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I mentioned on another thread (re ABT): Asked about Smirnova's injury in an interview published on "Bachtrack.com" Filin says he hopes Smirnova will make her return to Bolshoi repertory in the new Possokhov Hero of Our Time--which is supposed to premier in July. Don't know what that means about her ABT appearances, but I can guess...

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I'm wondering if Julie Kent, who canceled her two DC appearances last week, will be well enough to dance at the Met? Injuries can last weeks and months. So Smirnova and possibly Kent. Maybe one other London-based guest, too? Hope not.

At least ABT has acknowledged Hallberg's being out. (Sad that he, too, is out.)

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Saw her dance SL with RB this evening. Let's just say I now understand why the Bolshoi would prefer her not to dance it.

I have to agree. I love Obraztsova in so many roles, but Odette/Odile is just not her role.

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