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2012-13 touring

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Since the company is going to be coming through Seattle later this autumn I was rummaging around on their website to get a feeling for possible repertory. This is what I found

New choreography: Helen Pickett, Robert Garland, John Alleyne, Donald Byrd, Francesca Harper, Tanya Wideman and Thaddeus Davis

New to DTH: The Lark Ascending (Alvin Ailey), Glinka Pas de Trois (George Balanchine)

Continuing repertory: Agon (Balanchine), Concerto Barocco (Balanchine), New Bach (Robert Garland), Return (Robert Garland), Dialogues (Glen Tetley)

(Garland has been their resident choreographer, and the website implies he's continuing that post)

I'm curious now to know who else has been performing the Glinka. And I'm sorry that I don't see The Beloved (Lester Horton) on the list -- it's a great dramatic duet, and the company did a wonderful job with it. Is it perhaps too dated with its theme of violence against women?

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As an old DHG fan, I really wish them well. How many companies get a second chance like this? I think I remember hearing that they are coming to south Florida next season. Possiblyl the Kravis Center in West Palm? I hope so.

Incidentally, DePrince will be performing in Le Corsaire in South Africa later this month. Here's a link to an article:


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