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Marie-Agnès Gillot to Debut as Choreographer for Paris Opera Ballet

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FYI: I metioned this previously on BalletCo...

Paris Opera Ballet étoile Marie-Agnès Gillot is preparing her first choreographed piece for the POB (2013). Looks to be part of a Cunninghman tribute. There is video (in French) announcing this at:


I don't happen to speak French so I'm not sure of the details. She has done some short modern pieces for outside projects, but I believe this would be her first full length project for the POB. Note that Marie-Agnès Gillot was the first dancer in the history of the Paris Opera Ballet to be made an Etoile not at the end of a traditional ballet, but after a modern dance performance. Seems to me that it is unusual for a female étoile to create a dance at the POB (especially while still on the active roster). Hopefully this goes well for her. I imagine the POB wouldn't even be chancing this project unless the intial work looked promising.

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