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Angelica Garnett, RIP

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The last direct living link to Bloomsbury died in May at 93.

The Guardian

This proved to be both a blessing and a burden. During much of her life, and particularly in the essays and books that she wrote, she struggled to come to terms with the psychological complexities that she associated with her upbringing. Her difficulties and anger with her elders emerged in her memoir Deceived With Kindness (1984), which contributed a poignant coda to the history of Bloomsbury and triggered a fresh spate of antagonism towards it.

The Telegraph

Angelica Bell was born on Christmas Day 1918 and grew up at Charleston with her mother , her brothers Julian and Quentin, and their father, Clive Bell. Although she was brought up amid a shifting cast of artists, writers and intellectuals, she recalled her childhood as a lonely one: “They were all rather on the old side. I didn’t have any young relations. Even my mother was nearly 40 when I was born.”

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