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Thank you so much for posting this -- I'd kind of lost track of the project, and am so glad to see this. I heard him on the radio a couple weeks ago, talking about the trip to North Korea, but hadn't seen any footage.

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I'm embarrassed to admit that until I saw this I had never heard of Matt Harding or his project. As with you, EvilNinjaX, this boosts my faith in humanity. Freeze any frame and you see individuals cooperating with each other, trying to learn and contribute to the performance, and having a wonderful time.

When I noticed the brief clip from Robbins Island, the notorious South African prison settlement during the apartheid period, I found myself feeling: "Things CAN get getter. So can human beings. And dancing definitely helps."

P.S. Loved the very brief pas de deux with the enthusiastic seal. (From San Diego.)

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