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Joan Acocella on ABT's female principals -- and Misty Copeland

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In my opinion, I dont think any of these dancers is ready to be promoted (now).

I def would love to see Sarah given opportunities to prove herself in 2-3 full lenghts, which is very diferent to dance a shorter variation. This season she has danced brilliantly in pretty much all I have seen, so it is the time to give her a chance, I think. She is the one that I see with the greatest potential, but I am not sure abt management shares this opinion unf.

Abrera is lovely, but she has never been a principal material for me, and at her age withouth having danced the big classics here, her true chances are very small.

I dont thik Seo is ready whatsoever, but from a practical point of view, I believe she is the one who will be promoted next (and I strongly disagree). She is beautiful, but still not versatile enough and has some major weaknesses.....however, she is adored in the company, and diversity will prob play a role here too, its just my feeling that she will be promoted soon (before or soon after Kent retires)

Boylston has great talent and is promissing, she needs a little more time, but seems to be in the list. They have to be careful and look to what happened with wiles.

Misty looks gorgeous in modern coreography, stunning, but I dont see her as a tutu ballerina. Every single time I have seen her in a very classical role, its being a major dissapoitment. To me she is the least principal material of all of them.

I would also like to see Simon M. given a chance in a full length.

And lets not forget about Kajiya (she is been given Kitri and Giselle already, so watch out here) and D. Teuscher who was priaised big time in the ny times review of Angel's farewell. I think the company has their eyes on her too.

and what happened with L underwood ? She was to my eyes one of the most talented dancers from the corp members.

Thats why it wd be great to have a few extra weeks in the state theater, so a few of these talented ballerinas could get opportunities to develop and prove themself.

L Underwood had a recent surgery and has not danced at all this season.
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I won't offer my opinions to this thread because of my personal bias for Isabella Boylston, but I will provide a link to a delightful feature in this month's Dance Spirit. Four pages are devoted to a day in NYC with Isabella Boylston. You can see all 4 pages on the two FB pictures, but may not be able to read the small print. Dance Spirit's site doesn't have the article online. It's in the July/August 2012 issue.


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