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Harold Lang & Gore Vidal

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From the book Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America by Christopher Bram (Hachette, 2012):

"In 1946, shortly after he started ballet lessons for the rheumatoid arthritis he'd developed in the Aleutians during the war, Gore Vidal became involved with handsome dancer Harold Lang" (p. 3).

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During the Balanchine Centennial at what was still legally known as the New York State Theater, one of the photos displayed in the bay of the east elevator on the orchestra level was a photo of Vidal and others, including Jerome Robbins and an especially radiant Tanaquil LeClercq, at a picnic table. I don't remember whether Laing was among them.

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Vidal has written about his brief affair with Lang. The latter was apparently chasing (and catching) anything that wasn't red hot or nailed down and there are limits to the open-relationship thing, one gathered.

The "picnic table" photo is well known and widely reproduced, most recently I think when Donald Windham died.

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