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The story is set in a little Northern Calif coastal town where the real-life demographics are properly portrayed. Have we become such a 'PC crazy' nation that we have to shoehorn people of all colors into scripts just to meet a quota?

The initial scene with the Las Vegas showgirls included women of color...as women of all colors do get jobs in Vegas.

The geography is kind of weird. In episode 4 Fanny says that Ojai is "that slum" 30 miles to the north. In the same episode, Fanny and Michelle visit Oxnard (also to the north of Paradise). There are passing references to other southern California towns (Montecito, Carpinteria). Culturally, Paradise reminds me vaguely of a town like Carpinteria, although the geographic hints would place Paradise closer to Point Mugu.

I know this area pretty well, having lived in Santa Barbara for many years. TBH, these beach towns are not terribly diverse, if by diverse one means having significant numbers of African American families. Ventura County as a whole is about 2 percent African American. So I would agree that the demographics are accurately portrayed.

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This season is just going into it's forth performance. It's the first time that I've watched it. I think that it's charming so far and has some interesting takes on dancing. For me, like "Glee", you have to look into every corner for one liner visuals as well as verbal ones. Like "Glee" I also have to watch it at least twice to understand what they're saying, although my daughter has been hinting for at least 30 years that I should go to an ear doctor.

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I watched the Jan.30 show on Xfinity with my mom. Honestly this show could be about the sport of lacrosse and it would still be the same show, with the same banter, setups, etc. It just happens to be about ballet. That said, I liked this episode because it was a miniature version of board members' attempts to influence artistic directors in less than appropriate ways.

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Hi, Jayne.

Although the plot line doesn't necessarily apply to dance, the inclusion of choreography, for me, does have a lot of significance. Not only are the ladies fine actresses, but they do quite commendably as dancers.

The choreography is often very interesting. It can be commentary on the art form and it can be highly inventive. For instance, last Monday's show began with a very respectable ballet performance, containing a very clever, ongoing verbal dialogue between several of the lead dancers. I don't think that I've ever seen this before.

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"ABC Family has torn down the Bunheads set.

"But — and it’s a big but — the show hasn’t been canceled either, a hopeful sign considering the last original episode aired in February: If the network wanted to be done with it, they’d be done with it. So let’s indulge in some optimism, shall we, and focus on the reasons why it might come back."

I do hope that this show is continued. It's probably my tv favorite. flowers.gif


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Bunheads is toast.

The ballet drama had wrapped its 18-episode first season in February. The series, which starred Broadway veteran Sutton Foster as a Las Vegas chorus girl starting over in a small town by teaching ballet, had been a critics' favorite but didn't generate enough ratings power to get into second position.

I did not like the show as much as I had wanted and hoped to like it and stopped watching after a few episodes, but sorry to see a dance-related series go and sorry for its fans and the talented people who worked on it. Too bad.

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I enjoyed the show. It wasn't as good as the Gilmore Girls (to compare ASP shows) but it was very sweet. I was always smiling while watching it. And I'm glad it promoted a nice view of ballet. I had read that ABC Family had trouble finding viewers for it. I have a feeling most fans were like myself (not in high school!). The channel's more successful shows are like Pretty Little Liars. ASP had received orders in the second half of the season to focus more on the young dancers' love lives and she did that. For me, there was wonderful scenes like this one, where plot melded with performance to give us more than either could on their own:

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I thought one of the funniest lines I ever heard was when the ballet teacher sez: "Mr. Balanchine made us do grands battements for 2-1/2 hours and we couldn't stop until somebody died..."

Here on the Left Coast, things haven't changed much...

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Gia Kourlas in the "New York Times" says that she really misses "Bunheads" (so do I) and tells why. She asks this question and ends with this touch of optimism.

"Can nothing be done to extend its life? Netflix? HBO? I’d take Lifetime.

"But what if Ms. Sherman-Palladino’s characters could really come to life? I can’t stop imagining “Bunheads” as a musical. The dances are already choreographed. The stellar cast, after all, featured the Broadway veterans Ms. Foster and Ms. Bishop. The farewell dance could be the encore. Maybe all we need is a bigger sandbox."

I'm quite fine as well with the original "sandbox" put back right where it was. Not an impossible idea for a 'not only of dance interest' *Very Entertaining TV Series*.

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