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Alonso (& Youskevitch) in THEME AND VARIATIONS

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How interesting -- I've seen lots of photos with different elements masked out like that, if they want to make a group shot into a portrait, but the cut line on the back implies that it ran with both dancers in the shot. Most likely, the masking is from a later, sloppier use, and no one bothered to change the information on the back, but as it is right now, it does look pretty bizarre!

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there are two dates stamped on the back of the print, both from '48, one for March and another for April.

presumably in Mar. it was used in full; the portion of the photo above the pasted caption shows the full frame.

subsequently, in April, one supposes, the photo was used as a portrait of Alonso, perhaps on the second occasion as less specific publicity for Ballet Theatre and not one necessarily pegged to THEME AND VARIATIONS.

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