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NYC in May

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Hi folks,

I'm hoping to be in NYC the weekend of May 11 (that evening is booked), with a few days before and after...and am staring at NYCB and ABT schedules trying to decide what I'd like to see... or, more accurately, trying to narrow my list down from 'everything'!

I have seen both companies, but it's been a while (I last saw NYCB in London... and ABT at the Ken Cen), so am not as up-to-date on the dancers as I usually am. In particular, I'm curious about NYCB's Spring Gala, and the matinee on the 12th (wishing Russian Seasons was not on the same bill as DGV, which I saw when it came out and after with the Royal...). Considering my potential schedule, I think I could maybe do ABT's opening gala and/or the opening Giselle....

Any thoughts or recommendations? Anything that I'm overlooking? I do, ostensibly, need to also see a variety of friends of colleagues, so I think at most I should do 2, maybe 3 performances.

Would love to hear the thoughts of regular watchers (and any tips on tickets and pricing!).


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