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Corella to retire as principal dancer with ABT

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In spirit of Angel's farewell performance (which I am traveling from the south to New York to see), I thought I would post a few of my favorite clips of his performances with ABT over the years. I hope others will join in!

First, is the classic Angel role that many of us cherish! This was the first video I saw of Angel as a kid, and immediately I was a mega-fan!

Secondly, is one of my favorite roles that Angel played as Romeo. Although I saw Angel perform Romero and Alessandra Ferri perform Juliet at two separate times, for me, this will remain one of my favorite partnerships of his (even though I never saw the two of them together live):

And lastly, perhaps the most beloved of all Angel's roles, Ali from Le Corsaire. I remember I saw this live as a teenager, and all of the ladies sitting around me gave me dirty looks when I cheered so loudly for Angel's performance. My favorite point is at 7:54 when the audience goes "WHOA!" and then just goes crazy!!

Angel, I am looking very forward to your performance tomorrow, but we will miss you at ABT!

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From this AP article: http://hosted2.ap.org/CARIE/6b85546689744819aa7a64cd3ca6cee6/Article_2012-06-27-US-A-Dancer's-Farewell/id-24b56f76e53c44a798ce9fbd5942a6a4

Regarding tonight's performance of Swan Lake.

"But Thursday will also be the last time, he says, that he dances a full-length ballet"

This is not incredibly surprising to me, but terribly disappointing. I will cherish tonight even more than I thought.

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I can't find the comment back, but some noticed that Susan Jaffee missed Corella's last performance. Especially odd as she was in town earlier to play the Queen Mother in Swan Lake. It was just announced that she will be the new dean at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts:


So, I'm wondering if she had to be in North Carolina for final interviews. The timing is about right for today's announcement. I can't think of any excuse less significant that would justify her absence, especially as I understand he partnered her Giselle in her retirement performance.

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