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Yale Undergraduate Ballet

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I just got back from the first perfromance of the Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company (YUB?) this evening. The troupe offered a perfromance of a Midsummer Nights Dream, based on Shakespeare with Music by Mendehlsohn.

Credit must be given to Amymarie Bartholomew, a student at Yale and Choreographer, producer, dancer, and costume designer. Kudos for building a company with such promise.

The Company and production was well rehearsed, The choregography was simple yet elegant.

Theresa Oei, danced the role of Titania fluidly and beautifully. Her partner, Jordan Laris-Cohen, was very good.

Aren Vastola of Alaska, stole the show with his role as Puck. his style of dance was more modern than Ballet, but his enthusiasm on stage was endearing. You could tell he was having fun with the role.

My only critique would be the dancing was a little fast, a bit rushed.

I truly enjoyed the performance and look forward to future productions.

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Thanks for posting this review! I had heard about a ballet /dance company at Yale that was all student run, and I really commend them on what they are doing. I was a university dance professor for many years, until recent budget cuts demolished the program. Now the students there who were in our dance program (and who didn't transfer to a school with dance--some did), are trying to run a dance company as a student organization. It's extremely difficult, and you need highly talented, self-disciplined and motivated student participants to make it work. it sounds like these students are doing so. I wonder how they handle their training? Because after all, rehearsals are not enough to keep dancers in shape and working with good technique.

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