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MCB promotions, returning dancers, and departing dancers

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Per the MCB blog, the following dancers have been promoted:

Callie Manning- Principal Soloist

Kleber Rebello- Principal Soloist

Renan Cerdeiro- Principal Soloist

Chloe Freytag- Corps de Ballet

Lexie Overholt- Corps de Ballet

Kara White- Corps de Ballet

Congratulations! thumbsup.gif

Now, how about some promotions to soloist? Zoe Zien? Leigh-Ann Esty? biggrin.png

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Next season's roster has been updated on the website. Michael Sean Breeden and Neil Marshall return as members of the corps, while Jeremy Cox and Katia Carranza, who had both been acting as periodic guest principals, are gone.

Cox was gone and apparently had been back-(although I didn't get to see him dance after his "return"). Carranza was pretty much gone for a while now...

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Thanks, brokenwing, for starting this thread. I've added to the topic TITLE to include "returning" and "departing" dancers.

Principals are down from 12 to 10. This gives some room for promotions (or new hires) during the season ... one hopes. I'll never lose my fond memories of Katia Carranza. For the past few seasons, she has split her dancing responsibilities between MCB and Monterey Ballet (Mexico), headed by her husband Luis Serrano, a former MCB principal. Her departure from Miami is MCB's loss but Ballet de Monterey's gain.

The Principal Soloist category is being beefed up, from 1 to 4. Callie Manning (a long overdue promotion, imo) joins her husband Didier Bramaz in this ranking. Kleber Rebello and Renan Cedeiro, both of whom are dancing major principal roles already, join them.

Soloists are down two two -- Sara Esty and Jennifer Lauren. I hope this also allows for possible promotions during the season.

Corps is expanded from 23 to 26. Chloe Freytag, Lexie Overholt, and Kara White, Company Apprentices this season, are moving up. (I'm sad not to see Jovani Furlan, a talented dancer who comes to life on stage among joining them.) All the apprentices have been working quite hard this year, especially in Giselle and Coppelia, and seem integrated into the company already.

The return of Breedon and Marshall is VERY GOOD NEWS. I missed them

bart (with the small "b")

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