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Miami City Ballet's Coppelia`


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I just checked MCB's website and see that the Miami casting is up. Jeanette Delgado gets Opening Night for Coppelia, and she alternates with Catoya. Both will probably be great! I won't see it until it goes to the Kravis Center in West Palm, but I hope the casting will be the same. I will see both of them if so!!!

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Whoops! Correction: I meant Broward casting was up. Usually MCB's shows open in Miami first, so I didn't pay attention. It opens in Broward first this time around. Delgado/Penteado and Catoya/Reyes alternate. Each cast gets two shows. Hope this will be the same casting as WPB dates.

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Thanks, BB for the heads up. Perfect casting, no complains. On the other side, i would have LOVED to see Rebello as Franz, perhaps with Arja...

Maybe that will happen next time they do Coppelia. Arja is still in the corps but probably not for long! Rebello just moved up to soloist this season, I believe. I could be wrong. You might know better than I do. That doesn't mean they can't do a leading role. You told me how MCB likes to change it up and give a major role to a soloist or a corps member. So maybe it might happen in another performance.

Like you I am happy with the casting so far.

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