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March 22 Mikhailovsky live broadcast - premiere of Nacho Duato's

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March 22, 2012 at 7:00PM Moscow time [GMT+4]

"watch the premiere performance of a Russian version of the Spanish choreographer

Nacho Duato's ballet

"Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness."

The webcast will be available via PC/Mac and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) at


as well as at

Mikhailovsky Theatre




Based on 22 selected Bach pieces, Multiplicity will – for the first time ever – be performed to a live orchestral accompaniment rather than to a pre-recorded soundtrack. The Mikhailovsky Theatre's music director and chief conductor,

Mikhail Tatarnikov

, is to guide his orchestra through the score."


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The Mikhailovsky site only mentions tomorrow's premiere. I noticed that the Paraclassics facebook page had reported that Sleeping Beauty and the two operas were being retransmitted so I posted this because I thought someone might be interested. I really enjoyed the ballet when I watched it last time and I think the dancers are wonderful.

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I was unable to fit the title of the ballet into the title and unfortunately I can't edit this now.

In addition the Mikhailovsky will rebroadcast Sleeping Beauty with Svetlana Zakharova and Leonid Sarafanov on 21st March (tomorrow) at 7:00 PM russian time (GMT+4)


Duato Mixed Bill plus an extra helping of his Beauty? And Kekhman wonders why he's had to declare bankruptcy?

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Sleeping Beauty is available now (please refer to attachment for info) - I've just watched it again.

I don't always enjoy non traditional versions of the classics, but I was happy with this production. Also, even though there are cuts in the music I thought that the orchestra under Valeri Ovsyanikov (I think?) sounded wonderful. I really like the dancers and was very happy to watch some favourites again, e.g., Ekaterina Borchenko, Leonid Sarafanov, Svetlana Zakharova, Sabina Yapparova and Andrei Yakhnyuk

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And now he is moving to Berlin? I cannot find an article in English, but these seem to say he is taking over from Malakhov?



Yes, it is official, he is taking over from Malakhov as AD of Berlin Ballet in 2014... while still being resident choreographer at the Mikhailovsky. Can't wait to see how that works. His reception from the Berlin press was not shall we say rapturous. One article called him yesterday's man.

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I read the second article en espanol, and also found this article auf deutsch:


It's official. Per your 2nd spanish article; Malakhov declined a contract extension, the position was offered to Sasha Waltz, who declined it as well. Then the position was offered to Nacho Duato and the official announcement was made today by the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.

Having lived among Germans, they relish any opportunity to seem culturally above it all and hypercritical. I wish Mr. Duato luck, but he's been through criticism before in Spain and Russia, so this will be more of the same.

Now, what will become of Mr. Malakhov?

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I'm guessing that Polina Semionova is thanking her lucky stars that she left Berlin for ABT. Malakhov was the person who recruited her to Berlin.

And Duato is the person who will bring her back to Berlin, the Mikhailovsky and the Berlin State Ballet will work closely together in the future, as a press release by the Mikhailovsky stated.

Semionova did not leave for ABT, she left and wanted to be re-hired for Berlin as a freelance dancer with better money. She only got the job with ABT three months later.

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So Duato is leaving Russia? Good riddance and Hallelujah! (At least gone as AD...not sure ow 'resident' will be this 'resident choreographer...and for how long.)

I'm sure that his style will be more welcome and appropriate in Germany, a cradle of modern dance.

Kekhman's legal and financials woes of late may also be a reason. Whatever the reason - Hallelujah!

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