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Wheeldon Vimeo Channel (ft NYCB dancers)

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Seems that Mr. Wheeldon is embracing technology and giving us NYCB-starved dance watchers a look yahoo.gif


The channel has the very recently performed DGV (with Reichlen, Hall, Bouder, de Luz, Kowroski, Peck (?) of those I easily know--sorry some of NYCB men completely merge into one identity for me as I'm not very familar with them) and Les Carillions (Mearns, Remasar, Whelan, Peck and others), plus Mercurial Manouvers from 2001, Fool's Paradise with Morphoses.

DGV was my first look at Tess Reichlen and wow, she is lovely to watch. Kowroski is also totally in her element--beautiful.

I hope Wheeldon has some more uploads up his sleeve or at least shares this idea with Ratmansky beg.gif

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Thank you so much for posting this: apart from the annoying score, I loved watching this. I kept casting PNB dancers as I watched...

I can't recognize the dancers, apart from Reichlen and Hall. There were four who took curtain calls, including the second couple from the first movement, the couple from the adagio, and the couple from the last movement. Does anyone know who was who for all four couples?

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I looked up pictures and it would appear to be that the first movement is Tess Reichlen/Craig Hall, the second is Ashley Bouder/Joaquin de Luz, the adagio is Maria Kowroski/Tyler Angle, and the last is probably Tiler Peck/definitely Andrew Veyette. (edit: the "full stage" version of the video confirms this!)

It is enjoyable, no? I remember liking it less when I saw Corella Ballet, but I think they had some sound problems with the recorded music because there was no sound (or hardly any that I could hear) for the duration of the adagio, so it went painfully slow and awkwardly as people in the audience couldn't figure out if it was intentional or there was a tech problem.

I watched Les Carillions and only made it through a bit, but I will give it another go when I haven't watch DGV directly before it.

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The audio drop-out in the DGV adagio pdd is intentional. However, I did think it lasted longer when Corella Ballet performed it, but do not think it was due to any technical glitches. (When NYCB performed it, I thought the live orchestra just shortened the length of the pause (rest?) more.)

PS. When I questioned Christopher Wheeldon regarding the lighting/set of NYCB's version, I was told it was closer to that performed by the Royal Ballet and was also due to NYCB's/RB's respective theaters being larger than the City Center stage Corella Ballet performed on.

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Help! How do you view these videos? Must you be a subscriber to vimeo? The first link above said the video was "password protected" so I'm not sure how to access it. The second link posted, brought me to "christopher wheeldon's videos" but then said there were NO VIDEOS. How do I see any of the videos mentioned above?

PS. I'm not that technically knowledgeable about computers, and personally am not even sure the computer I use has the speed/capacity to even view the videos, so any simple steps/necessary requirements to follow in order to view the videos would be appreciated.

(Once when I did an upgrade of Flash, it prevented me from viewing anything on YT, so I had to remove it--after about 4hrs of troubleshooting and deleting/re-downloading/deleting etc.etc. till I got the right button/program/patch/fix to see things again.)

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