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A couple of new Ballet TV Series coming

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There are at least two fictional tv series coming to the US with ballet subject matter. I heard a mention somewhere that there might be 2 other shows going into production as well (though I haven't seen any real confirmation of that) mostly b/c of the popularity of some dance/stage mom reality series.

One is the 2010 Australian teen drama Dance Academy to be televised on Teen Nick.


Call it Center Stage meets Degrassi High.

and then there's a new series on ABC Family called Bunheads coming.


I've watched the Dance Academy series and it was a struggle as I'm obviously not the target demographic, but I could imagine the tween crowd enjoying it.


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I admit to being hooked on Dance Academy! It's a teen drama, yes, but it's one of the good ones. All the characters have surprisingly developed backstories and personalities, strengths and flaws. One of the things that separates it from things like Center Stage is that the main character isn't always right, or nice, or 'being taken advantage of' -- she actually makes mistakes and has to learn from them. The drama stays nicely centered around dance, the one liners are funny, the kids are cute, the story ispleasantly unpredictable, and the occasional tongue in cheek references to more 'grown up' things remind you that it's okay to enjoy it even though you're not 14.

I also have to commend the show for making sure you actually see that the actors can dance, get on pointe, turn, etc... And for the handling of 'issues', like delinquency, eating disorders, sex, drinking, and sexual orientation. It addresses them and sheds light on them without being heavyhanded in the slightest. Or, in the case of eating disorders, showing girls any 'thinspo' or 'tips'...a huge pet peeve of mine. It's really some impressive writing for a 'kids show'.

Overall, the kind of guilty pleasure show you just can't feel that guilty about, because it's simply not that bad. I recommend watching it in marathons, late at night, with a friend and plenty of snacks. :D

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