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Evgenia Obraztsova - Bolshoi PRINCIPAL


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This was just announced in the Mariinsky forum...but now that she's a permanent Principal with the Bolshoi Ballet, let's properly place Obraztsova in the forum of her new company.

Congratulations, Principal! It's about time. :)


Hopefully, her website will be back up-and-running soon, too...with a new homepage to show-off her new company.

So it's a debut in ANYUTA tomorrow (Feb 2) and the Kobborg SYLPHIDE on the 8th.

The Sky's the limit. Hopefully we will be seeing her here in the USA this summer, either as Swanilda in DC or one of the other ballets in California.

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If Mariinsky management isn't kicking themselves over this, they should be...

I found this as well http://www.bolshoi.r...cles/2012/2095/ which maybe is the formal announcement but google translate isn't helping me much here...

So happy for Evgenia smile.pngsmile.png

Edit: link via google translate http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bolshoi.ru%2Fabout%2Fpress%2Farticles%2F2012%2F2095%2F&act=url

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Like Galina Ulanova before her: congratulations to Ms. Obratzsova flowers.gifflowers.gifflowers.gif for the well-deserved recognition yahoo.gif

Right, Helene. But there's one major difference: Ulanova, like Semenova earlier, was already an established Principal in Leningrad before she moved to Moscow. Obraztsova was denied Principal status in her home troupe years after ballet experts and fans around the world thought that she had earned it especially when compared to 'others' pushed ahead of her to Principal status...ahum. Thank goodness, the nightmare is over.

I wish the same good luck to Ekaterina Kondaurova, i.e., "Get the Heck Out of Dodge!"

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Thanks and WOW! That was fast and fantastic...."fast" as in one hour ago: 11 pm Moscow time - 2pm EST?! (Even if it was a matinee, the timing of this is impressive.) I see a lot of Maximova in Obraztsova, just looking at her in that costume, the face, the 'soul' that shines through, etc.

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Her bilingual website is now back up, with a slightly different title: "Ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater"


The 'News' section reveals that she became Bolshoi Principal on January 1, 2012 (retroactively?), and that she remains "Guest Principal of the Mariinsky Theater."

The Shurale of March 11, in St. Petersburg, is still on her schedule, in addition to the Giselle of Feb 24, which will now mark her triumphant return to St Petersburg as a Principal. Lordie, I wish that I could be there to be part of the huge ovation that she will undoubtedly receive, once that door to Giselle's cottage opens and she sticks out her head. "Mr/Ms YouTube" MUST be there to record the moment, please! beg.gif

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Ah, but let's make note of a little detail on the technique level, for comparison purposes. A while ago I inquired in this board about the apparent extinction of certain step used in the Cuban Black Swan Coda, those backward traveling sautees on pointe, vs. the flat foot version used by everyone else worldwide. The step can also be seen in the Kitri variation danced by Slavenska in the bonus footage of the BRdMC documentary, AND by Fonteyn in the coda of the Aurora's Wedding PDD from the Royal Ballet DVD, the same one that has her Sylphides with Rudi. Well, it seems that the substitution is happening now with Anyuta. Whereas Maximova does the step in its difficult version, in full pointe, Obraztsova chooses the flat foot position, which prompt me to wonder...are contemporary ballerinas weaker...?

Mme. Maximova, @ 1:23.

Miss Obraztsova @ 4:02.

Anybody, any hint, or comment..?

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