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Ballet Education and Training for Students.

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Having been the Founde//Administrator of the Heritage Dance Foundation ( a rergistered charity ibased in, Norfolk, I regularly recieive enquiries from parents asking for help with funding for dance education.

As this is not part of our policy I am unable to help. The original plan of HDF was to set up a residential college, but due to the failure of a bid for Lottery Funds, despite having secured vast financial assistance from the European 5b Fund, we were unable to go ahead. resulting in the organisation being dormant for a number of years.

In early January this year, yet another letter arrived, this time from a student, seeking help, which made me wish I could assist her achieve her ambitions of attending further training which would give her the chance to become a professional dancer. About the same time there was considerable information on television and in the press about a new Government funded scheme for "Free Schools".

The young lady in question, was 16/17 years old, and had taaken her GCSE. exams., and ready to

embark on the next stage of her training.

After researching all I could, and speaking to the government office dealing with this new programme of schooling, I realised that therecould be an opportunity to establish a vocational 6th form centre for Dance under the new scheme. Further enquiries and discussions confirmed this,

and I received the application to apply for the said funding., which would be the first of it's kind under the facility.

This seems a very interesting prospect, and further research and the avilibility of suitable premises,

and a proposed curricuilum,, qualifications, which would include an "A" level in Dance, and other related subjects will shortly be addressed. This work will take up to 2 years to achieve, including modifications and any building renovation which may be required.

Help and support is needed to promote and establish the Centre which will be one of "par excellence" in it's field. It will not be a residential unit, but accommodation will be available near the building s for students from out of the area.

Anyone interested in/or with qualifications in the Performing Arts is welcome to help in this venture,

for which we would be very grateful. Please refer to The Heritage Dance Foundation, Norfolk, UK on FACEBOOK Thank you.


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