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Can I trust to find tickets to ROH, La Fille in April?

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My wife and I have our fifth year anniversary this spring and we are very pleased that Royal Opera House gives our favourite ballet La fille mal gardée in April.

The problem is that we need to book accommodation very soon to find a decent priced hotel and ROH releases their tickets to not-friends on the 7 February.

Would it be unwise of me to book a not refundable hotel, or can I trust that ROH does not sell out all tickets to their friends?

The performance we are thinking of attending is on the evening of Thursday 26 April.

Thank you in advance!

Thomas Koos

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There are six performances with three casts: Nunez/Acosta dance opening night (20 April) and the performance you are planning to see. Cojocaru/Kobborg dance 24 and 28 (evening) April, and Morera/Cervera dance 28 (matinee) April and 2 May.

Carlos Acosta doesn't dance that frequently, and he's known from the DVD of this ballet. On the other hand, the 26 April is the second performance with Acosta, and Cojocaru is a darling of the audience, with good reason. You're not planning to go to a matinee -- this is a family friendly ballet -- and Thursday night is the biggest night out for younger members of the audience, and that usually means a latish dinner and pubs/clubs, not really compatible with an early evening curtain.

Is the non-refundable hotel a particularly good deal or a place you would like to stay? Is there another, comparable hotel available on Expedia or another travel site where you have to pre-pay, but can cancel for full refund anywhere from two weeks-two days before check-in?

I'm hoping some of our London-based members will respond about tickets. When visiting London, I've always bought tickets after they've gone on sale to the general public, and I've never had trouble getting them, but there may be something specific to this ballet or cast that I'm not aware of.

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I just looked at the ticket availability - its not totally sold out that date now. There are 45 tickets left in the srtalls but only a handful of singles left in stalls circle and grand tier. There are seats available in the amphi. You will need to be online very promptly when public booking opens. The availability is much better on Sat 28th.

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