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Mariinsky Ballet, Kennedy Center, 1/21 evening

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Hi folks,

I'm looking for a ticket for this Saturday's performance by the Mariinsky at the Kennedy Center. I'm happy to pay face-value, but I am a post-doc... (in other words, there's no way I'll be able to afford the top-priced tickets!). If anyone has an extra or suddenly can't go, please let me know. I need to know no later than Friday, as I'll have to drive up to DC on Saturday. Thanks so much!

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Official site shows (& I checked them all, they are available) (at 3.37pm on Wednesday)

Sat. 1:30pm, a couple of seats at $99, at $69, and 2 seats at $29

Sat 7:30pm a couple of tickets at $99 and at $69. Good luck

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From Natalia in the related Mariinsky performances thread:

Re. Tix - it's selling very well. I just tried to get tickets for neighbors and there's only 1 back-orch seat left for Friday night, for ex; nothing in Box, 1st or 2nd tier. Both Saturday performances (mat & eve) are totally sold out. Like Friday, the Sunday matinee has only 1 seat remaining, in Orch.

Several possibilities:

1 you may be able to pick up extra tickets from returns at the box office (not guaranteed but possible) - they are considered donations to the KC as the box office is able to re-sell the ticket.

2 you may be able to buy a ticket from a patron who ended up with an extra ticket (KC is federal property - you'd have to do it outside the premises for legal reasons if money is changing hands).

3 A patron may give you a ticket inside the premises, either because they are big of heart or because they need to catch a bus home (though if you're second-acting and end up seeing only Scheherazade...well...)

4 KC may sell some of the box seats on the sides (I forget what they are called) that may have partially obstructed views.

Good luck!

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