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A wonderful new ballet, with a fantastic score: I loved it! A rich and complex work that offers a full range of emotions and moments of sublime poetryyahoo.gifcrying.gifmad.gifwub.pngsad.pngsmile.pngclapping.gif

With two orchestras playing together it doens't seem easy to bring on tour, so I hope a DVD will come out sooner or later, hopefully with the extraordinary Hamburg Ballet: it's a pity that for economical reasons Neumeier's works are often out as DVDs danced by other companies (Die Kameliendame is a completely different thing danced by Paris Opera or ABT and not in good way: they seem light years away from the real work that can be seen in Hamburg).

A cast of great artists, they deserve to be named:

Julie: Alina Cojocaru (as guest from London Royal Ballet)

Liliom: Carsten Jung

Louis, thier son: Aleix Martìnez

The man with Balloons: Sasha Riva

Frau Muskat: Anna Polikarpova

Marie: Leslie Heylmann

Wolf Beifeld: Konstantin Tselikov

Ficsur: Lloyd Riggins

A sailor: Kiran West

Gate Keeper: Edvin Revazov

A Shy Young man: Alexandr Trusch

A sad Clown: Zachary Clark

Elmer, son of Marie and Wolf: Emanuel Amuchàstegui

Here are some other moments of the ballet


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Thanks so much for this. Several recent Neumeier ballet DVDs *have* come out in the last couple of years, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that this one might also appear. I'm in awe of Anna Polikarpova -- still going strong after all of these years!

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I'm in awe of Anna Polikarpova -- still going strong after all of these years!

She a wonderful dancer and a great artist. When you are an artist, passing years don't make you less interesting or weaker, they just change you in a different and new yourself.

Ivan Urban, her husband, will be Liliom in the second cast: moustache and beard for the occasion (at least he was wearing them at the premiere).

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clip after clip, we will have soon the whole ballet happy.png here another official one from hamburg Ballet, with new dancing moment (and finally a short moment of leslie Heylmann and Konstantin Tselikov, not present in the other videos ...sorry, they are also in the first longer one: still mixing live memories and videos!)

edited with updated link

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