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Hey, new (elated) member


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Obviously, as stated in the topic title, I am new... and I am elated! I started ballet at age 4, I couldn't play sports because I am considered legally blind. I received a recessive specific gene from both parents, thus resulting in the production of me. Ok, enough genetics. Anyways, so I have been trained in classical ballet, and not much liked any other form of dance outside that realm. I recently picked up a beautiful hardback copy of Natalia Makarova's book, mainly for the breath taking photos, but also to read. I finished the entire book in one night, and spent the next day googling, and youtubing all these wonderful topic. I was like a kid in a candy store when google continued to bring up your sight with answers to my searches! This is a very well managed and monitored website, with a wealth of information from what sounds to be very knowledgable people, not just in dance agendas, but all art and intellectual topics.

This is an oasis of intelligence compaired to some other forums about """ballet""" I have had the pleasure of wasting my time reading. Thank you, and I can't wait to start getting to know some of you better. Do not hesitate to ask for my email to chat more directly, as I am not a "new member" yet

Take care


"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."

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Thank you for your kind words, "Meesh." We're very proud of our members and the breadth and depth of expertise they share so generously.

We hope to hear from you often. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Wherever a topic captures your interest, don't be afraid to add a comment or question. You'll be a New Member in no time!

Have you seen our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers? It's for dancers at all levels and ages (above 13). If you haven't, I think you'll enjoy it. We request (but don't require) that members sof both boards keep the same user name from one to the other. It helps us recognize them as the same person.

Welcome to BalletAlert! flowers.gif

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