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ABT Mixed Bill & Bayadere @ KennCen, DC

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I was a super for Bayadere this week and had a great time wandering backstage where they would let me. We rehearsed with Victor Barbee on Sunday and on Monday with the props. The first time with the dancers Gomes, Part, and Abrera at 11am Thursday and then again with Seo, Muntagirov, and Boylston. This was my first time as a super, some of the temple priest had done it before with ABT in 2006 and some of the tiger men were teenagers from local ballet schools. It was fun seeing how the magic is done. You can feel Marcelo's power as he dances by you that close. The corps dancers were always nice and the lead ballerinas were beautiful on stage.

I also was able to sneak a peek at the company classes before the performances. Some taught by Susan Jaffe and the others by Craig Salstein, both give corrections to the dancers, but Craig would stop them if they didn't do it as he wanted musically or a certain emphasis. This has been a great dance week.

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THANKS so much for the wonderful reports. Serious illness has me bedridden (boo-hoo...) but I received a wonderful report from friends who attended the Saturday matinee. (These are neighbors who I've 'recruited' to ballet...so novices.) My pals are totally in agreement with what Theo has written...except that they mixed up the names of the two leading ladies and told me that "the girl in the red dress fell down", which led me to think that it was Nikiya-Hee Seo, as Nikiya usually wears a red sari-like outfit during the dance with the basket. Whoever fell - more power to her for getting up. Brava! OK, now back to bed...

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