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Nijinsky's ballet slippers

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Oh, the infamous Giselle shorts! Or "culottes," as they are listed in the text.

I love the photos of the costumes, but I'm even more intrigued by this

"Another important aspect of this collection is a rare and unusually comprehensive record of Nijinsky and his fellow dancers from the 1911 to 1921 London Ballets Russes seasons with photographs by the Edwardian photo-modernist Emil Otto Hoppé. These intimate largely unpublished portraits represent a body of work that depicts Diaghilev's Ballets Russes dancers in their prime."

You can see some of the photos here -- I can't find any additional information about the text they list (One Hundred Photographs: E.O. Hoppé and the Ballets Russes, essays by John Bowlt and Oleg Minin (2011)) -- does anyone here have any references?

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re: the GISELLE "bloomers" these would not be the infamous ones Benois designed for Diaghilev's production from act 1, but more likely the ones intended for act 2 (as seen in some photos puckered out from the slits in the shorts that make up the costume's panatloon-styled bottom half).

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