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Miami Symphony Orchestra's Season Opening

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Miami Symphony Orchestra, under Maestro Eduardo Marturet, just started their season. The program included Beethoven 5th Symphony and Tchaikovsly’s

-(as it was called in another thread)- Piano Concerto # 1.. I don’t really need to review this. My long life devotion for Tchakovsky’s music would make the writing too partial-(which I know I am always anyhow, but sitll…). Just a little note…I changed my working shift that night in order to be able to attend the concert., so LONG LIVE TCHAIKOVSKY! Pianist Stewart Goodyear was amazing.

Beethoven’s 5th was nice also-(particularly the Andante con Molto , IMO)…so long live Mr. B too..! clapping.gif

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Not to mention the Fifth Symphony? But I prefer the master's Second Piano Concerto, finding the First not so much crass as bombastic, in the outer movements at least, although the middle movement strikes me as charming (and Mr. B thought it suitable for Jerome Robbins to choreograph, FWIW). Sorry to disagree.

But I'm glad to learn there is a Miami Symphony again. (Not sure how long there will be a Miami City Ballet worth journeying to see, as well as for other reasons, I'm in Ft. Lauderdale for George Balanchine's The Nutcracker.)

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