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Thanks! In the press release the only piece from Cinderella they mentioned, was Lacotte's reconstruction of the Zhakarov (sp?) original version of the Autumn Fairy's dance, which Maya P danced. But this comes a bit later, with the clock theme, etc--does anyone know who choreographed? Is it from the current Bolshoi Cinderella? (I think the original version had kids as dwarves at this part, lol)

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I kept hoping the fountain was going to start to dance, a la Las Vegas.

it would have been wonderful!

As it was, it felt like a compendium of homages to classicism, and neoclassicism, in the costumes from Symphony in C, yet, and to minimalist clacissism (Laura Dean came to mind)...

So the heaviness of hte music overwhelmed it all and it felt ultimately VERY Soviet -- the emphasis on harmony, unison, , accuracy, service to an ideal felt grindingly earnest, like a machine that grinds up everything you really feel....

It may not have felt that way at ALL in the theater. Video seriously misrepresents everything. there was much individual delicacy and accuracy in the performances.

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Right, I guess this was a new piece by Lacoste (whose choreography I don't particularly love--although I like it more when he is, like in Pharoah's Daughter, basing it on Petipa's style). Too bad--I would have enjoyed seeing a bit reconstructed from the original Bolshoi production. (And yes, the fountain just seems to be in the way).

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Neither. капельдинерш - Even my native-Russian husband doesn't quite get it..."Dance of the Drops ????" "KAPEL'" deals with drops. There's a Drip-drop in there but DINERSH isn't in the common Russian dictionary.

It could be that "TANETS KAPEL'DINERSH" is the title of the musical number in the DON Q score -- a number that appears at the start of Act IV which is danced by the child-cupids in the current Bolshoi version -- and that it doesn't relate to a group of ladies carrying baskets. The ladies are just moving to that music.

A few days before the gala, the Bolshoi circulated an English-language listing of planned numbers in the gala and this was referred to (in English) as "Dance of the Ushers." But "KAPEL'DINERSH" most definitely does not mean "ushers" (or "baskets" or "flowers").

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