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Given the various discussions in the Modern & Other Dances threads about Hairspray and Beyonce "borrowing" from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (in addition to the recent release of the Footloose remake), I decided to create an Official Movie Musicals thread for people to share opinions and reviews about their favorite movie musicals.

I'll start:


This actually looks pretty good!

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I haven't really been following along with the new Footloose, so I haven't seen any footage. This does look like fun, although I thought the editing was a bit jumpy. (but trailers are always really punchy) I'll be very curious to see what this new version does with the whole "learning to dance" montage, which I thought was particularly effective in the original film.

I'm wondering if this will spark another surge in country line dancing, like Urban Cowboy did previously.

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The Footloose remake is getting better reviews than I expected Is it a movie musical though? Or a movie with dance segments? ;) I know there was some controversy because originally it was meant to be a full on movie musical--with the characters singing (I assume at least some of the score that was used for the stage adaptation--while the stage version was a bit of a flop on Broadway, but ironically Derek Hough, the brother of the star of the remake, got great reviews with it in London last year). For some reason, then they later decided to go in a gritter direction, which is why they hired the director of Hustle and Flow. Still, I'm intrigued to see it (but it might be a renter for me)--and I don't have particular nostalgia or love for the Herbert Ross original, so am not against the idea of a remake.

Great idea for a thread! I'm a huge musical theatre geek--but I admit that I find film musicals more problematic (I guess one reason is stage is abstract anyway so the singing and dancing some how seem more natural. I love the West Side Story film--some casting issues aside--but I admit I find it harder to get used to gangs dancing on *real* streeets, than I ever do when watching the stage version).

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I watched my favorite holiday-themed movie this weekend -- Holiday Inn w/ Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds and Virginia Dale. It's not without its problems (i.e the "Abraham" number done in blackface) but there's something about this movie that really gets me in the Christmas spirit. Maybe it's the "inn" itself which does it for me. (Crafty how the filmmakers shatter their own carefully crafted artifice at the end of the film by showing that the inn we've come to love is nothing more than a set. Strangely enough, this revelation doesn't spoil the inn's mystique for me.)

Lots and lots of numbers in this one -- my favorites being Astaire's dance w/ Dale to "You're Easy To Dance With" and his later, drunken dance w/ Reynolds set to the same song.

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