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Dancer Promotions and Additions at MCB


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Congratulations and all best wishes to the following MCB dancers:

Promoted to Soloist:

-- Sara Esty

-- Kleber Rebello

Promoted to Corps

-- Andrei Chagas

-- Suzette Logue

Promoted to Company Apprentice

-- Chloe Freytag

-- Lexie Overholt

-- Kara White

Welcome Back !

-- Jeremy Cox, Principal

(Cox danced with MCB in Paris.)

New to MCB

-- Shimon Ito, from Ballet San Jose

(Ito danced with MCB in Paris.)

New School Scholarship Apprentice

-- Jonathan Batista

-- Jovani Furlan

-- Sara McCahill


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Sara Esty's range has grown over the past season or two. Before that she tended to be type-cast as the quick, perky, smiling one in almost every work. When I first saw her in Upper Room (or was it Golden Section?) and then in Sinatra Songs, I thought: WHOA !!!, this is a dancer with a bigger ranger than I thought. I'd like to see her do Sugar Plum Fairy

It was clear that Kleber Rebello is enormously talented from his first appearance as an apprentice. He has gained a lot in the way of stagecraft, as well as partnering skills, over the past season. He's a natural Harlequin, but is showing he's capable of much more.

I'm looking forward to what both young dancers will make what I hope will be many new opportunities this season.

As for Cox, I think we all agree. Can't wait to see him back on the MCB stage.

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Just posted 3 hours ago in the LAT. Looks like they are trying to sew up the financial side ASAP and add an AD in the next year or so.

Nicholas T. Goldsborough, a Los Angeles resident since 1980 and a longtime arts fundraiser, has been appointed the executive director of the Miami City Ballet, the company is announcing this week. Goldsborough has helped raise funding for prominent U.S. arts institutions, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Valley Performing Arts Center and the Harman Center for the Arts in Washington, D.C.

The Rochester, N.Y.-born Goldsborough chatted last week in anticipation of the announcement. He said: “I’m creating a short- and long-term plan that will strengthen Miami City Ballet from a financial perspective.”

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