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"First Position" Screening in NYC on Sat 5 Nov 1:15pm

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"First Position", a documentary about a group of young dancers competing at YAGP 2010, will screen at the New York Documentary Festival on Saturday, 5 November at 1:15pm in the Eisner Auditorium at NYU's Kimmel Center, 4th floor.

Details, trailer, ticket purchase links here:


I saw it last night at the Vancouver International Film Festival and posted about it here, if you want more details:

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Do you know which of the dancers showed? The two dancers who are NY-based or close to New York are Michaela Deprince and Joan Sebastian Zamora, who is listed on the YAGP site as "Rock School", but was living in Queens and being coached in NYC at the time the documentary was made. Of course, the others may have traveled: Miko Fogarty lives in Northern California, Gaya Bommer in Israel, Aran Bell in Italy, and according to the director, Rebecca Houseknecht went to college, but she didn't say where.

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Michaela and Joan Sebastian came. Also present were Joan's sponsor/teacher from NY, the head of YAGP, and some others.

A lot of ballet students were in the audience, too.

Michaela told me she is at JKO School of ABT but also with the studio company. She looked fabulous. Her parents were also in the audience and took a bow.

Joan Sebastian is with the Royal Ballet School and flew in from England. He is very sweet and modest, and has a real presence. His roommate from Queens also showed up; he still lives in Queens.

The director added an update at the end of the movie, indicating that two months after the competition, Rebecca was asked to join a company on the west coast. I don't remember which one, off hand.

I had seen Aran on Guggenheim's Works and Process about the YAGP and his progress in one year, since the filming of the movie, has been amazing. Aran, Miko, and Rebecca did not show up in NY.

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Oh, how could I have forgotten that Zamora went to the Royal Ballet School, which was his dream...

Kargman told us in the Q&A that Houseknecht had danced for a year and was asked to return, but decided to go to college again. Kargman said she wanted a dancer who had a "regular" upbringing, living at home, going to public school, doing other teenage activities as well as ballet, and Houseknecht fit the bill.

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