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Le Corsaire by BNS (Uruguay National Ballet) - Director Julio Bocca -


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yes...a great production here at our doorstep.

today I watched Le Corsaire, danced by our National Ballet Company, which is under the direction of Mr JuLio Bocca. Production staged by Anne-Marie Holmes, Maria Riccetto starring as Medora, Jose Martin(soloist from Royal Ballet) as Conrad, Avetil Karapetian (Royal Swedish Ballet) as Ali, Giovanna Martinatto (Urguay) as Gulnare and artists frrom the company

a great production which makes me immensely proud and happych that ballet is getting to the place it belongs by right in our society. New theater. No orchestra due to musicians strike but taped music (which(I resented)

Ricetto looked good, but, I think, maybe was tired. Fouettes did not go too well. Great adagrnio work in pas de trois. and still greater adagio in "Finesse d amour"..I loved her dancing in it:lyrical,tender. I think she is more of a lyrrical than a bravura ballerina. Giovanna Martinatto (our prima ballerina), was at her best: high extensions, but still looking elegant and delicate. Impeccable turns. Double fouttes.

Avetik marvellous - fantastic revoltades coda. Jose Martin: perfectily lcontrolled multiple turns, ending in a balance that seemed to last forever.

I think we must be forever grateful to Mr Bocca for bringing back to us the pleasure of watching first rate ballet!

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No orchestra due to musicians strike but taped music (which(I resented)

I can completely sympathize. I was in BsAs last year in November/December and had tickets to all sorts of productions at Teatro Colon - all of which were cancelled last minute due to wildcat strikes by the theatre workers' unions (stage hands, ushers, etc). Apparently they were not paid full salaries during the renovation of Teatro Colon (of course, they didn't do any work during that time), and refused to work until they received full back pay.
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