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Suzanne Farrell Ballet 2011 season preview

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Preview of the Suzanne Farrell Ballet's October performance season, 23 September, 2011, on the Millennium Stage at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC

Here's the video (I've updated the address; it's taking a long time to load currently).

This is surprising well-produced, considering the modest circumstances, one of the Kennedy Center's daily free performances in their Millennium Stage project. We get a good look at the (small) performance space where the dancers dance - clear, simple, and direct camera-work, mostly; and the dancing itself is further evidence of the freshness, immediacy and expressiveness without exaggeration that this troupe usually brings to its performances.

As with the other Millennium Stage webcasts, there are no intertitles to identify repertory or performers specifically, so I have sought to provide that information below, with timings so that the viewer can navigate back and forth in the video by dragging the marker in the progress bar below the video window or by clicking on the bar. (Those who would like to savor the dancing need not play through the opening class demonstration each time, for instance.)

(I do think Bonnie Pickard Scofield's introductions are well worth listening to for their insights into what the audience sees, but she talks about the repertory in reverse order.)

And rather than wait until I have all the information I'd like to provide, I'm posting this guide so it can be used as it is, intending to edit in more identifications as I get them (Those who know, especially about the demonstration part, as I have now obtained a copy of the printed program, post below, please, or PM me).

A Guide to the Video

[00:00] greeting and introduction by Michael-Ann Mullikin, the company's manager


“Inside the Ballet Studio”

A Lecture/Demonstration

Script by Suzanne Farrell

Piano Accompaniment by Linda Kipps

Amy Brandt, Elisabeth Holowchuck, Sara Ivan
Kirk Henning, Andrew Shore Kaminski, Ted Seymour,
Oliver Swan-Jackson

[21:03] introduction to the ballet excerpts by Bonnie Pickard Scofield, former principal dancer


Sonatine excerpt - first movement: Modéré ("moderate")

Violeta Angelova, Michael Cook


Serenade - last movement: Elegie

Elisabeth Holowchuk, Courtney Anderson

Audra Johnson

Momchil Mladenov

Cleopatra Avery, Amy Brandt, Kara Genevieve Cooper, Ariel Derby,
Sara Ivan, Jane Morgan, Katelyn Prominski, Jordyn Richter,
Lauren Stewart

Doychin Dochev, Ian Grosh, Andrew Shore Kaminski,
Oliver Swan-Jackson


Diamonds - second movement: pas de deux

Violeta Angelova, Michael Cook

Edited by Jack Reed
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The Kennedy Center will be showing 10/1/11: Film Screening: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1966), 10/2/11: Film Screening: Elusive Muse (1996), and 10/3/11: Film Screening: Don Quixote (1966) in the Terrace Theater. Free at 6pm. "A rare screening of the 1966 film, choreographed by George Balanchine with Suzanne Farrell as a nubile Titania, Edward Villella imperious as Oberon, Arthur Mitchell as a delightful Puck, and Allegra Kent and Jacques d'Amboise. Part of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet's 10th Anniversary. NOTE: This event will not be broadcast. 93 minutes in length."

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