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Jeremy Cox back on the MCB Roster


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Jeremy Cox is back at MCB after leaving two season ago to dance in the Twyla Tharp Sinatra musical Come Fly Away. He rejoined the company as a guest for the Paris Tour. Now it's official.


Cox was an unforgettable Phlegmatic, Prodigal Son, and lead in Symphony in Three Movements. He should be able to bring new insights to the Tharp repertoire too. Welcome home !!!


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:clapping: This is EXCELLENT news..!! Cox has been one of my favorite male dancers EVER. I started watching his dancing right when my knowledge of repertoire started to change from CNB's XIX C. to MCB's Balanchine back in 2001, and even realizing that he's not the ideal type for the warhorses roles, the way he throws himself into the Balanchine ballets makes him shine all along...

Still...I'm curious on how will he be casted during the upcoming Giselles...

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Just had a closer look at the MCB website. Cox is listed as participating in Programs I and II only. mad.gif I supposed this makes him a Guest Principal, rather like Katia Carranza, who dances both in Miami and in Monterey, Mexico.

A little Cox is better than none, I suppose. And, to be honest, there isn't much for him to do in Giselle or Coppelia, the other programs of the season.

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Agree, Jack. And I'm sure that Cox has developed. He seems that kind of dancer who wants to explore what he can do. Anyway, the point about Hilarian is moot since that's not one of the ballets he's scheduled to be here for, so far at least.

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