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Attn: BAers on Facebook: Julian Mackay Needs Votes!

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This normally would be Ballet Talk for Dancers turf, but I'm using my first Admin-Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card in posting this, although if you watch the video, you'll see a brief moment with Natalia Osipova.

Many Ballet Alertniks, especially those who read links, know about Julian and Nicholas Mackay, two young men from Montana who study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. The Bolshoi Ballet Academy.



Julian Mackay is in the running for an Expat Youth Scholarship, and he needs votes to continue his studies. The voting is hosted on Facebook. If you are a Facebook member and are interested, to vote, you must be signed into a Facebook account, and then

1. "Like" Expat Youth Scholarship, if you haven't already:


2. Click the "VOTE HERE" link in the left-hand column.

3. Scroll to the second video, called "From Bison to Bolshoi" (I think that's its name; once you vote, the titles disappear.)

4. "Like" the video.

5. Some people are shown a "confirm" screen as well. If it appears, confirm the vote.

Julian and his brother are on a great adventure!

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Facebook is its own beast. The way I use it is like using Microsoft Word as a text editor.

You can see if your vote counted by going back to the page and scrolling to the video. If your vote was tallied, the "Like" button for the video should be disabled, and the text should read something like

[Your Name][The Names of Any Other of Your Friends Who've Also "Liked It"), and [n=vote tally] others like this

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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