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WHO choreographed Swanilda's wedding pdd variation?

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I'm told that the version that Gelsey Kirkland danced with Baryshnikov came from the version that Enrique Martinez staged for ABT.

But who choreographed it?

To me it smacks of "Grand pas classique" -- Gsovsky-esque. Kirkland's balances and style, her exquisite, downright precious phrasing of it was masterly and made a fantastic thing out of choreography that looks to me like a display piece --

but what do I know?

Does anybody reading this forum know where those phrases come from?

I've seen versions on youtube that include Martinez's first two phrases -- including the tombe-pas de bourree on point and then add fancy turns to finish it out -- e.g., the Royal ballet's version as danced by Leanne Benjamin. The wonderful thing about the Kirkland version is that had NO PIROUETTES at all and nevertheless read as full-tilt ballerina with awesome technique.....

Anybody on here know the provenance of the elements of the Kirkland version?

Thanks in advance.

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Martinez's production was made for/with first-cast Fracci and Bruhn in mind.

perhaps that accounts for some of the choices, tho' i do recall that when Baryshnikov too on the role of Franz, the 'degree of difficulty' and complexity quotient rose.

i haven't watched this clip lately.

i did see the first run of the ballet at Brooklyn Academy of Music w/ Fracci/Bruhn, etc.

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