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I won't be posting any more youtube vids here. I try to keep it "under-the-radar" esp w/commercial works and B-Trust works. But they seem to often propagate and i find links on other sites. So i'm going to stop. However, if any of you have youtube accounts and want to friend me, I would be happy to and then share my vids privately with you.

ping me here :




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Somebody else posted this link to a Chinese site many months ago. I won't name the choreographer or the ballet, so it doesn't show up on a search engine. I'm amazed it's still on-line today, and I have to assume a certain Trust has tried to get it taken off-line. One oddity, though: the RealPlayer "download this video" function doesn't work on this one. I have no idea why. But the search box near the top of the page recognizes (our) Latin alphabet, and other goodies turn up with a little searching.


It's no secret that the Chinese lack of respect for international intellectual property rights is a huge issue. Here's a recent editorial from the NY Times on the problems:


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... the RealPlayer "download this video" function doesn't work on this one.


Firefox, with one of several free plug-ins offered for the purpose, downloaded from this site. In general, keepvid.com is easy to use, although not every time, everywhere; it - or they - didn't work on this site, for example.

The Russian site is pretty impressive, with over 150 items and counting, many about an hour long or longer, not just clips. The C/B items are good quality, with smooth sound in sync with the picture, at least in one case notorious in another edition. The VHS issues were like that, but I haven't seen the streakiness here that tends to reveal that source. (Maybe I'm wearing out my VHS tapes? How could that happen?...)

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