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Vaganova Academy Graduation Performances

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New names are on the list of the Mariinsky corps de ballet - they include from the Vaganova graduates Irina Tolchilshchikova, Ekaterina Bondarenko, Yulia Kabatova, Elizaveta Kaukina. Galina Rusina and Tatiana Goryushkina new on the reserve list. We knew already that Olga Smirnova goes to Bolchoi but: Kristina Shapran is also not in the Mariinsky, as far as this list says anyway. Neither, for this matter, is Alexandra Somova.

I don't see new names from the men, but I could have just made an oversight.

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Congratulations to the new hires :flowers: ! Vladislav Makarov and Yarolsav Ryzhov were accepted. It's interesting that both Smirnova and Shapran the two strongest females, and the strongest male, Sergei Strelkov, opted out. We'll soon see where Strelkov and Shapran end up.

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Bianca wrote:

From what I know Alexandra Somova is in Mariinsky but website doesn't confirm that.

Alexandra Somova wasn’t hired by the *Mariinsky, nor any of the following Petersburg companies: The Mikhailovsky, The Tkachine Ballet (St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre), Leonid Jacobson’s company, Boris Eifman, or the Hermitage. *(Mariinsky site was upgraded/reconfigured Tuesday).





http://www.spbt.ru/o...sts22/?lang=eng (Tkachine & Kolesnikova’s troupe)


http://rus-ballet.co...tic-corps-1.htm (The Hermitage troupe).


Meanwhile in Moscow, Filin is beginning to push Olga Smirnova forward. Her debut performance with the company was in the pas de trois in “Swan Lake” on October 14:


She danced the second variation in the Grand Pas Espagnole to Obraztsova’s Bolshoi debut as Kitri in the “Don Q” reconstruction last Sunday, October 16:


Smirnova makes her debut as Myrtha in “Giselle” on Nov. 6. This will be her first major assignment:


After this, she’s cast as a maid of honor in the premiere of the new production of “Sleeping Beauty,” (Grigorovich’s version, with new scenery and costumes) on November 18. This will be Zakharova and David Hallberg's performance:


Then Smirnova will upgrade to her debut as Lilac Fairy for Ekaterina Krysanova & Semyon Chudin's performance, November 24:


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Thank you for posting this. Not the best I have seen unfortunately. :sweatingbullets: I don't mean to stir up controversy but that was not the quality I am accustomed to from Vaganova Academy nor Mariinsky (the studio is Mariinsky). Maybe she put it together without the benefit of coaching from a qualified person? It really bothers me that the music is completely wrong. Sorry to say, not a big :thumbsup: from me. :blushing:

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Thank you for posting this. Not the best I have seen unfortunately. :sweatingbullets: ....

Vrsfanatic, that's why I think that this variation -- albeit classical -- does a better job in showing her character-dance qualities. She has grown and seems to fit more of the character mold...Marie Petipa roles.

Alexaa1a wrote:

Alexandra Somova, in her own words, said that she is dancing now for Mariinsky Ballet.

Most reassuring.

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Smirnova looks more Bolshoi than Mariinsky! I find it strange that Shapran went to dance corps in this company... but there you are!

According to the Stanislavsky Ballet twitter person Shapran is actually a soloist with the theatre. (in a reply to bellafigura's twitter, the stanislavsky twitter said that although she is listed in the corps she is actually a soloist "Some of the dancers listed as Artists on the website are actually soloists.")

Since Zelensky is now the director of both the Stanislavsky and Novosibrisk theatres, Shapran danced Sugar Plum in the Novosibrisk Nucracker on 23 dec.


She is also scheduled to participate in a moscow/petersburg gala alongside dancers like obtrasova, matvienkos, krysanova, osipova/vasiliev.


She is also supposedly rehearsing Lacotte's Sylphide.

Smirnova recently danced the Thais pdd with Chudin at the Bolshoi gala to honour Roland Petit.


Both young woman seem to be eagerly pushed by their respective theatres (perhaps thats why they chose to leave St Petersburg). Hopefully in the not too distant future both Shapran and Smirnova with their very different styles/talent well be able to make their mark.

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Another video has turned up of the Little Humpbacked Horse. In the description I see the names of Olga Smirnova and Kristina Shapran, but when I look back in the thread Shapran has not danced this? So maybe someone else can recognise the dancers smile.png

I can't seem to find out how to embed a video in my post, so here's a simple link to the video.

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Thanks, Lidewij. Shapran did not dance this LHH Suite at all but she danced Nikiya in 'Shades' at the same concert. From my post #11 to this thread -- full casting of this, the 3d and final 2011 Graduation Concert -- the casting of this clip should be:

PART I: In honor of the 140th Birthday of Alexander Gorsky: Revival of the Underwater Scene of The Little Humpacked Horse (chor. Gorsky, staged by Yuri Burlaka/music by Pugni, Drigo & Asafiev)

Water Goddess - Olga Smirnova

Water God - Nikita Nazarov

Ocean & Two Pearls pas de trois - Takano Enen, Arina Varentseva & Ksenia Ananieva

Two Corals - Yulia Kobatova & Anastasia Asaben

Little fish/sea urchins - ensemble of students

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Shapran was injured and did not dance the bayadere performance on the 26th. Smirnova danced in her place as well as her own thais pdd. Due to this, Eliazaveta Kaukina danced in replacement of Smirnova for LHH. She is the dancer (water goddess) featured in the video.

I'm interested if Shapran ever danced LHH because in a Dancing Times review of the graduation performances Igor Stupinikov cited her as "splendid" in this piece. To the best of my knowledge she did not perform this role but I am wondering if she danced it at a rehearsal, or at another performance? Thanks

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Yes the youtube film was made at a rehearsal. The photos on Stanislav Belyaevsky's facebook on the graduation performance were also taken at the rehearsal.

Shapran is not featured as the lead in LHH in those photos either so i'm wondering when and where she danced the role that lead to Stupinikov's comment? Thanks

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And another video of these performances has appeared. This time the entire performance of June 19th:


edited to add: my personal favourite is the girl that dances the first Paquita variation smile.png The second dancer's build reminds me more of Alina Somova so I think that must be Somova Jr.? So the girl I like is Ksenia Shevtsova?

I would like to know for sure, so please help me out if you know smile.png

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The YouTube video states June 20, 2011. Looking at the Mariinsky website for the month of June, 2011, http://www.mariinsky.ru/ru/playbill/playbill/?year=2011&month=6 , the only ballet performed on that day had these 4 leading ballerinas, Alina Somova, Viktoria Tereshkina, Ekaterina Osmolkina and Ekaterina Kondaurova. None of those two girls are any of these 4 ballerinas. If you look at that web address listed above, Vaganova performed on the 18th, 19th and 26th. Based on the ballets in the video, this was the second performance on June 19. Going from left to right on Helene's still from the video, they are Alexandra Somova, Alina's sister and a 2011 graduate from Ludmila Kovaleva's graduating class,which included Kristina Shapran and Olga Smirnova; Daniil Lopatin, who graduates this year and is a student of Gennadi Selyutsky and finally Ksenia Shevtsova, who graduates this year from Irina Sitnikova's graduating class.

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