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ON YOUR TOES, the movie & Bolshoi Ballet in Romeo and Juliet

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stills, 20 years apart of:

1] ON YOUR TOES w/ Vera Zorina and what may or may not be Charles Laskey - in "The Princess Zenobia" ballet, 1939

2] Opening night curtain call, wire photo, of the Bolshoi Ballet taking a curtain call after its now-historic first performance at NYC's old Metropolitan Opera House in April, 1959 - the photo is stamped with a date of Apr. 18, which was 2? days after the actual performance.

post-848-010489400 1307457215_thumb.jpg

post-848-090488000 1307457251_thumb.jpg

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speaking of "yellow" as recently brought up on the ABT "Giselle" thread, this 1939 cover ("colorized"?) of [December 5, 1939 - Ten Cents], indicates a yellow/gold palette for Zorina's Princess Zenobia costume. i have no way of knowing if this was a magazine/design choice for newsstand purposes, etc. or, if, when filming the black-and-white movie, Zorina wore somethink akin to this hue.

maddeningly, nowhere in the magazine - not on the Contents page nor in the Zorina spread - does the name of the partner clearly dancing with her as shown in the photo - appear!


post-848-005140000 1309114030_thumb.jpg

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further scans of ON YOUR TOES - one of the Princess Zenobia number (with Vera Zorina and Charles Laskey) from the '39 movie and another, from the SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE number in the '36 Broadway staging, with Ray Bolger, Tamara Geva and George Church, as publicity for NYCB's 1970 revival of SLAUGHTER.

in the case of the former, the label confirms the identification of Laskey (misspelt "Lasky" in the caption) as the "Dancer" in the "Zenobia" ballet.

post-848-002059000 1314544450_thumb.jpg

post-848-059181000 1314544494_thumb.jpg

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