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Farrell & Donn in Bejart's Romeo & Juliet

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After seeing a clip on youtube of Suzanne Farrell and Jorge Donn in Bejart's "Romeo & Juliet" I became determined to get a dvd copy of it. I bought it from an Italian video company called Hoepli. It cost 63,77 Euros to send to me in America but was so worth it. Here is the link to the website:


I'm not a fan of Bejart by any means and this piece is filled with lots of annoying Bejart-isms, but the choreography he does for Farrell and Donn as soloists and in their PDD's is beautiful. Farrell is a revelation. Her lyricism matched with superb technique, tremendous musicality and compelling acting. She looks like a liberated artist at the peak of her career and makes Bejart's choreography look as much her own as Balanchine's, though some may disagree with me. Donn was a very fine dancer -- though the Wolfman sideburns and mane of hair is a tad distracting -- and is a lovely partner for Farrell.

Given the sad fact that there is hardly any video of Farrell for the public to purchase, I'm thrilled that this "Romeo" is available.

A word of warning if you decide to purchase the DVD. Hoepli will send it to an American address via DHL. DHL requires for customs reasons that the buyer verify their identity by supplying their Social Security Number in document form -- either a email of your scanned SS card or Federal Tax 1040 form with the financial info deleted. It's very inconvenient but that's how they operate. I did as they asked and got my DVD promptly.

It's a great dvd and Farrell is a goddess! :bow:

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I believe this is the same one (from 1972) I got from another Italian dealer a few years ago more simply and somewhat more cheaply - they catalogued it as Berlioz' Romeo et Juliette, with no mention of Bejart et al until you got to the page for that disc - but that said, I couldn't agree more with what you say about it. Thanks for posting this, even though I own it already! It's good to know it's available.

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