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RIP Jeanne Armin

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By chance, yesterday, I heard that Jeanne Armin had passed away. Unfortunately the obituary seems to have expired. I was hoping I could find out more about her life. I remember hearing, decades ago, that Jeanne used to drive her fellow dancers at ABT crazy because she would come back from several weeks off and her pirouettes & balance would look like she hadn't missed a day. I thought she had danced with one of the Ballets Russes incarnations, but the extremely short blurb I could find makes no mention except of 3 years she was at ABT. For some reason, this lovely program popped up as part of the google search: http://ums.aadl.org/ums/programs_19661117e ( Love to see these names again.) There seems to be a recent video clip of her online from the Fall of 2010 and in it she looks barely aged.

So, I'm sorry to have so little on her, but despite this, thought her passing should be noted here.

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