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Questions about buying a ticket and where to sit

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I will be visiting New York next weekend and would like to attend the All Robbins program on Saturday 5/21 at 8 PM. As this is my first time to see NYCB and the Koch Theater I have some questions:

1) Where should I sit? I do not mind paying a lot, but not sure where. I am thinking about Second or Third Ring. Unfortunately I could not find anything on the website where you could see what the view is from the various sections. Awhile back there was an article about seating, but I can't find it.

2) Would it be better to buy the ticket online or calling the box office before I come into town or should I go directly to the box office on Friday morning/afternoon?

Any advice is appreciated - thank you in advance.

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I spent decades going back and forth between the Second and Third Ring. I think the Second Ring is better for ballets with casts of ~ 0-12 corps members, like "Agon", "Concerto Barocco", "Davidsbundertanze", "Liebeslieder Walzer", and Third Ring is better for the big corps ballets, where seeing the patterns makes all the difference, like "Symphony in C", "Symphony in Three Movements", "Stravinsky Violin Concerto". (Fourth Ring is great for those ballets as well.)

Second Tier is a lot like the front of the Dress Circle at War Memorial Opera House. Third Tier is like the back of the Dress Circle, but on a different level, not with a wide aisle separating them. (The First-Third Tiers of NYST only have about half a dozen rows each.)

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Second and third are both good as Helene said. I would order online it is very simple and then you are all set. Or at least go online and see what tickets are available. The website indicates what rings are sold out, so you have some sense in advance of what availabilty is.

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As of this moment, the pair of seats the computer offers me (as a test) in the Third Ring are much more central and than the ones it offers in the Second, but both offer a complete view of the stage. Both are in their respective Rows "C". For this program, with the intimacy of Faun and Antique and the details of The Concert, I'd opt for the Second Ring. That is unusual advice from me, who normally advocates for the higher tiers at NYCB. :)

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Oh, I just saw the subtitle listing the program. Definitely for "Afternoon of a Faun", "Antique Epigraphs", "Interplay", and "The Concert", I'd try for Second Tier (but not Second Tier sides, the seats against the walls).

"Afternoon of a Faun" was the second thing I saw at NYCB, and Darci Kistler and Afshin Mofid danced it. I also have happy memories of "Antique Epigraphs", which was choreographed for Stephanie Saland (brown), Kyra Nichols (purple), Maria Calgari (blue), Simone Schumacher (green), Helene Alexopoulos (red), Victoria Hall (gold), Jerri Kummery (tan), and Florence Fitzgerald (brick). I love the score, especially "Syrinx" for flute.

It should be a lovely program.

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Go for the second ring center, if you can. I think the third ring is too high, but it's not terrible. Funny ... my first NYCB experience also was a Robbins program, with "Afternoon of a Faun" (Kistler/Woetzel) and "Antique Epigraphs" (Alexopoulos, Nichols et al.) on the bill. I felt like a pilgrim. Buying the tickets online always made the most sense to me. Have a great time. Wish I could go!

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Helene, liebs, carbro, nijinsky1979, and kfw - Thank you all for your advice. I am going to get a ticket for Second Ring, but will wait until Sunday or Monday to buy online. If I buy now, the ticket will be mailed (tickets are mailed if the performance is more than 7 days in advance but held at the box office if less than 7 days) - but I fly from SFO to the East Coast on Sunday.

kfw - that was the article I had seen, thank you. Good to have for future reference.

Helene - The comparison to the Opera House was especially helpful. I have seen SFB perform Afternoon of a Faun and The Concert. The Concert is one of my Top 5 ballets, so I am looking forward to seeing NYCB's performance.

I will try to post my thoughts on the performance. Thanks again everyone!!!

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