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Keith Money book about Christopher Gable

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Keith Money, known for his beautiful dance photos and perhaps especially for his books on Margot Fonteyn, has prepared a new book about Christopher Gable - but because of the huge cost of printing and publishing a hard copy version he is offering it as a free download from his website. This is an extraordinarily generous offer and the photographs are stunning - go the website and click on the picture of the book (it is called The Dancer from the Dance) and it's yours - unmissable!

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C'est formidable! Thank you, Jane! I've had time for about 50 pages thus far and it is truly sublime.

I imagine there are a number of people who grew up on 'The Boyfriend' and 'The Music Lovers' who were charmed by Gable years before we knew he'd been a Royal Ballet star. In fact, I didn't know it till I read his obituary, as I wasn't keeping up with ballet outside of New York during the 80s and 90s. He was more of a natural in the movies than most dancers, I'd say, and that Wedding Party scene with Glenda Jackson in 'The Rainbow' is for me the high point of what I was able to see.

Had no idea about the dancing with Nureyev or 'Images of Love'. Beautiful stuff, and I'm looking forward to all of it.

Edited to add: I see that almost all of the great ballet dancing was before he started making those Ken Russell movies, and some of those are already 40 years old.

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What a generous act of Keith Money to put his book, “The Dancer from the Dance” on line. I am especially grateful as I would think that I saw almost all of the performances depicted.

Nostalgia flooded my emotions and even a tear or two rolled down my cheek as the photographs revived a period that was the most carefree and possibly the happiest period of my life.

Christopher Gable was an extraordinary sensitive performer whose emotional expression was always quite perfect when in dramatic, humorous or romantic mode.

I cannot talk about this artist without Lynn Seymour coming immediately to ones mind. Perfection in a partnership would sum up the inter-creative combination they achieved. Irreplaceable might be thought to be going too far. Not for me.

I was a teenager when they appeared in The Two Pigeons and they joined the ranks of my teenage idols. Together, they created a highly charged emotional response from London audiences of all ages and critics as well.Sir Frederick Ashton's magical and meticulous touch was also highly celebrated.

In Romeo and Juliet, the audience was swept along by their tidal wave of emotions creating moments when sitting on the “edge of ones seat“ became a reality.

Most of Keith Money’s photographs catch a certain theatrical mood and those with Svetlana Beriosova reveal the unique beauty of her line.

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I downloaded a copy of this beautiful book onto my laptop three years ago. The laptop was recently stolen. Unfortunately, I hadn't backed it up wallbash.gif I will never make that mistake again!!!

Now, I'm trying to put everything I had back together. The link is no longer working. If anyone has this book and wouldn't mind forwarding it on to me, I would be very, very grateful.

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We've had several requests from members and non-members to see if anyone who downloaded the book when the link was active would be willing to post it somewhere -- Dropbox or another hosting site -- so that others could download it, now that it is no longer available.

If you would be willing to do so, please contact me via PM or through email at the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. (Please include your board name if you send email.)

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