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Running Time of Giselle

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Does anyone know the running time of ABT's Giselle? I'm trying to determine what time I should make a dinner reservation post-performance.


My best guess is a little over 2 hours maybe 2 hrs. 10 or 2 hrs. 15. It's just 2 acts with one overly long intermission.

I remember a time when ABT would schedule a short rep piece before Giselle.

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By the early '60s, which is when I started regularly attending performances, sometimes it did, and sometimes it didn't. Time seemed ever so much more flexible then, from a scheduling standpoint. Sometimes, I'd be early for the 10:30 out of Grand Central, other times I'd be scrambling for the 11:15 at Port Authority! And this from an 8:00 curtain.

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