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Thank you for posting this, leonid. It's good to hear from you in this forum again. Initially the name didn't even ring a bell with me until I read your link and then I remembered. Sad story.

If his rise was fast, his fall was slow. Gradually the flood of appearances turned into a trickle, the television spots became less frequent, and new incumbents of the Oval Office had their attention turned elsewhere. As his manager would later quip: “He’s no longer new and no longer young.”

Late on July 26 1989, Fodor was riding his bicycle at Martha’s Vineyard, New England, and stopped at a motel. Unable to rouse the manager he helped himself to a room but was discovered the next morning by a startled maid. The police found heroin, cocaine, a hypodermic needle and a dagger. A judge refused to accept his 300-year-old Guarnerius violin as surety.

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I also saw him when I was a child -- My Mom took me and I was very excited.

He did do some goofy joking around on stage that I thought seemed 'young' even for a very young man--I was a bit younger myself, but sort of an 'old' young--but I did very much enjoy the concert--the music and Fodor's good looks...not very high-minded of me, but he WAS good looking.

Although the program had its share of flashy music, if memory does not betray me, it was also the first time I ever heard Bach solo music for violin. A favorite ever since.

It is a sad story, but there do seem to have been some post drug arrest ups as well as downs.

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