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In the Spring 2010 issue of "dance International" magazine, the cover story is how National Ballet of Canada Principal Dancer Aleksandar Antonijevic "is looking toward a new future behind the camera." The article also mentions Rosalie O'Connor, Andrew Oxenham, and Johan Persson as other dancer-turned-dance photographers. (Oxenham is currently a theatrical photographer, according to the article.)

There are two photos in the issue by Antonijevic and one by his mentor, Cylla von Tiedemann. Tiedemann's influence in the composition of his photos is evident, but he has his own voice.

New York City Ballet fans are familiar with Stephen Caras' work, and, more recently, Kyle Froman's book, "In the Wings". In Seattle, former Pacific Northwest Ballet Soloist Angela Sterling has taken most of the photos for PNB, and she is stellar. I just saw today a post on PNB's Facebook page, which links to photos by current PNB dancer Kylee Kitchens and Lindsay Thomas, who does the superb editing of the PNB videos, of rehearsals for "Next Step 2011", the 18 June program featuring choreography by PNB dancers, performed by students in the PNBS Professional Division.

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