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Question about The Dying Swan

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I am afraid I am a real stranger to the technical terms used in ballet. I was wondering if someone better educated in dance could answer a question about its choreography.

The Foukine's choregraphy ends with the swan on the floor, leaning forward over one extended leg, arms outstretched along the leg. It's an instantly recognisable image. Here's a googlesearch picture of the position:


My question is: does this position have a name or technical term? If so, can anone enlighten me?

Thanks in avance.

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Welcome, Neophyte! I have heard the position described as "dying swan," no doubt after the moment you describe. Perhaps other members know it by some other term.

It is also the pose that Odette assumes at the start of the White Swan pas de deux.

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Thank you for your replies. I am surprised that the pose has no name. I was - vaguely - aware that the same pose was a feature of Swan Lake but I thought it was used more commonly. Perhaps while it is iconic it is not a standard step in ballet choreography. Again, I appreciate your help.

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